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Governing Board
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Governing Board
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FACUA.org - 21 - noviembre de 2009
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Governing Board

The Congress is the most important governing organ in the Association. It meets every four years and its responsibilities are to establish the general pattern of performance of the Association and to elect the Board of Directors.

The ordinary General Assembly will meet annually and it´s functions are to approve the Program of Activities, the Budget of expenses and incomes, and the integration of new associations in the federal structure of FACUA. The number of Congress members is determined by the General Assembly and established according to the number of individual members in FACUA and its territorial organizations.

It commits the Board of Directors to the responsibility of fulfilling the statutory aims and to carry out the agreements adopted during the Congresses or General Assemblies. It will meet at least every six months according to the decision of the President or by the request of at least 40% of its members.

In order to facilitate its performance, the Board of Directors will appoint among its members a Permanent Secretariat, which will consist of the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and a member-at-large.The Board of Directors may delegate to the Permanent Secretariat whichever duties are deemed appropriate.


Francisco Sanchez Legrán

Secretary General
Olga Ruiz Legido

María Ángeles Ayerbe Cazalla

Spokesman of the Association
Rubén Sanchez García

Manuel Baus Japón
Domenec Bernad Agustí
María Hidalgo Jiménez
David Cifredo Franco
Jesús Ulloa Barrocal
Roberto Barceló Vivancos
Alfonso Rodríguez Sánchez
Rubén Sánchez García


Francisco Sánchez Legrán (President)
Olga Ruiz Legido (General Secretary)
María Ángeles Ayerbe Cazalla (Treasurer)
Rubén Sánchez García