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Visits to our head office
Visits to our head office

FACUA.org - 22 - abril de 2008
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For more than ten years FACUA has been developing its level of international cooperation. During that period, a significant number of representantives of consumers' organizations and public institutions from different Latin American and Caribbean countries have visited our head office in Spain.

▪ Regional Office of Consumers International in Latin America and the Caribbean

▪ Consumers and Users Organization (Odecu), from Chile

▪ Peruvian Consumers and Users Association (Aspec)

▪ Consumer Defence Centre (CDC), from El Salvador

▪ Consumers from Colombia (COCO)

▪ Antonio Núñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity (FANJ), from Cuba

▪ University of Havana

▪ Consumer Protection Administration from the Ministry of Domestic Trade in Cuba

▪ Developing and Investigation Centre from the Ministry of Domestic Trade in Cuba

▪ Cimex Corporation, from Cuba

▪ Consumers' Federal Solicitor Office (Profeco), from Mexico

▪ Cubalse Corporation, from Cuba

▪ Latin American an the Caribbean Council of Consumers Organizations

▪ Central American Consumers Network

▪ Venezuelan Federation of Associations of Consumers and Users (Fevacu)