The Galician Consumer Institute will fine the company for each consumer who reports the company

FACUA gets the first fine on Volkswagen, in Galicia: 33,800 Euros, double the value of the affected Golf

The association has already submitted 4,175 reports on behalf of its associates to the regional consumer authorities. FACUA represents almost 7,000 drivers in the trial at the High Court.

FACUA gets the first fine on Volkswagen, in Galicia: 33,800 Euros, double the value of the affected Golf

The thousands of reports submitted by FACUA-Consumers in Action on behalf of its associates has finally resulted in the first fine on Volkswagen Group for the dieselgate. Galicia’s regional Government has fined Volkswagen-Audi Spain with 33,800 Euros, almost double the value of the affected Golf Bluemotion TDI, that belongs to a consumer who bought the second-handed car six years ago.

FACUA has submitted 4,175 reports to the regional consumer authorities on behalf of its associates, 225 of them to the Galician Consumer Institute. Some of these reports have led to sanctioning proceedings, and one of them to a fine. The resolution of the regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry says that the fraud suffered by this consumer is a "serious infringement of consumer protection".

Up to this date, the Galician Consumer Institute is the only regional consumer protection authority that has made public the sanctioning proceedings they are opening to Volkswagen Group as a consequence of the individual reports of those consumers affected by the fraud of the cheating devices installed in diesel cars, that allowed Volkswagen to pass the pre-sale controls of vehicles. Once these vehicles were on the road the devices were deactivated and cars were able to exceed the legal limits of emission of nitrogen dioxides (NOx), which is highly harmful for our health and the environment. FACUA calls on Galician consumers who own this type of cars to report the company so the number of fines grows.

Following FACUA's reports, Andalusia, Balearic Islands and Castille-La Mancha opened sanctioning proceedings. Since there is an ongoing trial at the High Court (Audiencia Nacional), consumer authorities from Balearic Islands and Castille-La Mancha have decided to stop their proceedings until there is a sentence. The amount of the fines should consider the total number of consumers affected in each autonomous community, and not the calculation made by the Galician authority of one fine for each consumer who denounces.

After the scandal broke, at the end of 2015, FACUA started a web platform that could be joined by consumers affected. Almost 50,000 consumers have already joined in, owners of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda diesel cars. It’s the biggest group of people affected within the EU.

Almost 7,000 of members of this FACUA's website have also joined FACUA's lawsuit against Volkswagen, which is now in the preliminary proceedings at the Audiencia Nacional (High Court). Those interested in joining the lawsuit and claim for compensations can do it using the website

Of the 4,175 reports submitted by FACUA to regional consumer authorities on behalf of its associates, 1,020 are of Madrid, 980 of Andalusia, 446 of Catalonia, 389 of Comunidad Valenciana, 225 of Galicia, 191 of Castilla y Leon, 189 of the Basque Country, 162 of Castille La Mancha, 100 of Aragon, 85 of Cantabria, 82 of Murcia, 73 of Asturias, 57 of the Balearic Islands, 53 of Extremadura, 52 of Navarra, 40 of the Canary Islands, 24 of La Rioja, 4 of Melilla, and 3 of Ceuta.