Google+ to shut down: How to save the information from your profile

Google's social network is set to close in August 2019. The company has announced that it will provide users with the means to download the data from their accounts throughout the next ten months.

Google+ to shut down: How to save the information from your profile

After Google's announcement that it will be shutting down its social network Google+, which comes after the company kept quiet for months about a security breach which exposed the personal data of 500,000 users, many people are wondering what they can do to download their data.

The consumer version of Google+ will be shut down in August 2019, meaning there is still time for those who wish to ensure the recovery of their personal information.

Over the next ten months, the tech giant will offer users the means and information to be able to download all the information they have on their Google+ profiles. It will also indicate where and for how long this data will be stored.

FACUA informs users that they can now proceed to recover all their information that Google has on its social network, using the tool Google Takeout (go to ). This can be accessed by connecting with your Google account. Once logged in, you can select to download all available data from all Google products, including Google+.

In addition, professional profiles as well as corporate profiles can also download their information from this social network, such as that from +1, Google+ Circles, Google Communities and Google+ News. It is important to remember that by carrying out this operation, users will be downloading a copy of all their data, but this data will remain present in their Google+ account.