FACUA releases its '2019 Annual Report' with the report on actions and financial statements

After the conclusion of its 4th Congress, the association fulfils its commitment to transparency for yet another year.

FACUA releases its '2019 Annual Report' with the report on actions and financial statements

Following the approval of its activity and financial statements at its 4th Congress held on 12 September, FACUA-Consumers in Action has once again fulfilled its commitment to transparency and has published its 2019 Annual Report.

The report can be downloaded (in Spanish) at FACUA.org/memoria. The association's annual reports, which have been published on its website since 2013, include its financial statements and information on its campaigns, market research, international cooperation activities, periodical publications, press releases and press conferences, media interviews, visits to its FACUA.org website and its impact on the main social networks.

In the coming weeks, the annual reports of FACUA's 17 regional organisations will be published, with their respective balance sheets of income and expenses.

FACUA closed 2019 with 154,859 affiliates, 50,756 full members up to date with their membership fees and 22,917 full members with at least one pending membership fee. A total of 228,532 members, distributed by autonomous communities: 87,424 in Andalusia, 36,383 in Madrid, 23,823 in Catalonia, 17,639 in the Valencian Community, 10,098 in Galicia, 9,558 in Castilla y León, 7. 250 in Castilla-La Mancha, 6,314 in The Basque Country, 5,767 in the Canary Islands, 4,302 in Murcia, 4,077 in Aragón, 3,763 in Asturias, 3,589 in the Balearic Islands, 3,442 in Extremadura, 2,259 in Cantabria, 1,418 in Navarra, 903 in La Rioja and 179 in Ceuta and 162 in Melilla.

Queries and complaints

During 2019, FACUA dealt with 48,706 enquiries and complaints from consumers who visited, called or made online contact with the offices of its regional organisations or with the headquarters in Seville by calling 954 90 90 90 and 688 954 954 954 or through email communications or from the FACUA.org website.

Altogether, consumers made 39,403 enquiries and 9,303 complaints through FACUA. The areas that caused the most number of complaints were telecommunications, with 24.5%, banking and financial services, with 14.1%, and health, with 10.9%, as a result of irregularities and the closure of the iDental dental clinics.

Financial statements

FACUA had a total income of 1,515,163.19 euros - 5.2% more than in the previous year - and expenses of 1,253,578.13 euros, closing the year with a positive balance of 261,585.06 euros.

67.5% of FACUA's income came from the ordinary membership fees of its full affiliates, 1,022,292.28 euros. This figure does not include the dues of the Andalusian affiliates, which are paid directly to the associations integrated in the organisation in the eight provinces of the autonomous community.

In 2019, the annual family membership fee was 65 euros -currently 69 euros-, which is paid pro rata according to the number of months remaining until the end of the year, and the registration fee is 30 euros. All members of the family living at the same address can become full affiliates by paying the aforementioned fee.

28.6% of FACUA's income came from the financing of consumer protection programmes by public administrations, 432,616 euros. This figure does not include income from activities financed by public bodies at regional, provincial or local level for FACUA's regional organisations, which will be included in their corresponding annual reports.