Consumer Affairs allocates 2.9 million to consumer association projects

Funding will go to organisations with a special focus on the protection of vulnerable people and sustainable consumption.

Consumer Affairs allocates 2.9 million to consumer association projects

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has proposed granting a total of 2,980,862.47 Euros to its annual call for funding for consumer associations, to which a total of eight organisations with 17 specific projects have applied for the year 2021, according to the draft of the definitive Resolution.

The Government has announced that of the total, 1,405,663.03 euros will finance programmes aimed at informing, defending and protecting the rights of consumers. In addition, the Consumer Affairs Ministry has earmarked 1,575,199.44 euros to support programmes aimed at ensuring the institutional representation and defence of consumers carried out by these associations.

The associations benefiting from this call are, in order of amount approved, FACUA-Consumers in Action (with 723,010.37 euros), the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU, with 562,529.23 euros), the Association of Users of Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance Companies (Adicae, with 561,803.30 euros), the Association of Financial Users (Asufin, with 414. 414,141.02 euros), the Association of Communication Users (AUC, with 241,596.90 euros), the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU, with 169,147.07 euros), the Spanish Confederation of Consumer and User Cooperatives (Hispacoop, with 166,736.08 euros) and the National Civic Union Federation of Consumers and Housewives of Spain (UNAE, with 141,898.50 euros). All of them, with the exception of Asufin, also have funding for projects to promote their activity in defence of consumers.

Among the specific projects, those aimed at protecting vulnerable consumers stand out, in line with the new regulations approved by the Government. This theme is the one that receives the greatest volume of funds of all the public calls for proposals, with a total of six projects subsidised with almost one million euros.

The second most important theme is related to healthy eating and consumption and the circular economy, which will be funded with almost half a million euros from the call for proposals. It is followed by projects related to mortgages, household savings and indebtedness, complaints and customer service.

This call for funding, approved by Resolution of 11 May 2021 of the Minister for Consumer Affairs, is part of the obligations of public administrations to promote consumer associations as set out in the Constitution.