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Consumers can now suggest their nominees for #theworstcompany2014

This is the sixth edition of these awards hosted by FACUA, that also include the categories 'The Worst Ad' and 'The Worst Company Practice'.

Consumers can now suggest their nominees for #theworstcompany2014

Spanish consumers can now suggest their nominees for The Worst Company 2014. This is the sixth edition of these awards hosted by FACUA-Consumers in Action to condemn the serious abuses produced in markets and promote more responsible practices between companies, users and the organisations that represent their interests.

Last Thursday, December 18, FACUA opened the process to chose the nominees for The Worst Company 2014 (#lapeorempresa2014, in Spanish), the hashtag used on social networks to spread the process. The award wants to find the worst company that consumers consider that has developed the most irresponsible, abusive or fraudulent actions during the last twelve months, companies which want to get richer at the expense of breaching users' rights.

These awards include two other categories: The Worst Advert 2014, because it is the most misleading one or the most degrading, and The Worst Company Practice 2014, committed by one or several companies during the last year.

Consumers can submit their proposals to the website FACUA.org/peorempresa2014 (in Spanish). The list of nominees, five per category, will be released on the forthcoming weeks. Since then, consumers will be able to vote through the mentioned website.

Bankia and Movistar, the winners on the first five editions 

On the last edition, the award for The Worst Company of the Year was for Bankia, one of the symbols of the crisis that has buried in Spanish economy. Bankia had already won this distinction the previous year. Movistar was the winner on the first, second and third edition.

On the last edition, The Worst Advert award was also for Bankia, for its campaign Get going. And The Worst Company Practice award, chosen by consumers, was Spanish 902 customer service phone lines.