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FACUA international
FACUA international

FACUA.org - 22 - marzo de 2008
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FACUA develops agreements of international cooperation with several organizations dedicated to the defence of consumers' rights.

Coordinated actions between consumers associations from different countries are key in facing a globalized market where abuses and frauds are frequent.

Consumers from underdeveloped countries or developing countries suffer irregularities from multinational corporations. These corporations should have to answer to the countries in which these irregularities are committed, as well as in any country in which they are present.

There are many cases in which companies act with double standards depending on the country, with some introducing themselves as guards of the consumers' rights, yet in the meantime commit all kinds of abuses towards users from countries with poor legislation or passive governments.

This is why FACUA has a promise of cooperation and solidarity to consumers from countries such as those in Latin America, where irregularities are the order of the day.