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Ethical principles
Ethical principles

FACUA.org - 21 - marzo de 2008
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FACUA and its organizations consider, from a responsible perspective, the necessity of establishing a set of ethical principles in its performance and activities, with the purpose of ensuring its democratic and independent nature, as opposed to the economic interests of the market and the political interests of the governments and political parties.

FACUA has decided to adopt the following declaration of principles, composed by ten points which are compulsory for all the consumers associations that wish to belong to its confederal organization.


All the consumers organizations that belong to FACUA will participate in its activities and will support its performance in defence of a fair and equitable society.


The internal performance and decision making will lead to a democratic, plural and participatory line of action, and will be subjected to the norms regulating the right to association and the legal regulations in force.


All the associations will be independent from any public institution and organism, political parties, business sectors, unions and other social and economic agents, in their performances in defence of the rights of consumers and users. This independence does not imply a rejection of the Association's capacity for dialogue and understanding with these agents, which must represent an important aspect of Association's consumerist performance.

4. They will encourage citizens to belong to their organization as a way to promote the consumers organization and to finance their own expenses in order to become independent in their performance in defence of consumers and users rights. They will be financed through member fees and public subsidies, as well as through those services provided to consumers and users.


They will promote agreements with the business sector in order to resolve conflicts and improve the market to benefit consumers and users, without receiving economic compensation from companies or business groups.


Equality is a fundamental principle in the conception, objectives and performance of the Association; therefore there will be no discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, beliefs or religion, xenophobia, race or ethnicity.


Activities will be based on the defence of the consumers' and users' rights, ensuring the establishment of a local office where questions and claims of market abuses or illegal practices will be resolved and reported publicly.


They will develop guidelines for responsible and sustainable consumption in training consumers so that they become aware of their rights, respect the environment and are critical of the companies that commit fraudulent practices.


They will request their recognition as economic and social agents to the public administrations in order to obtain a higher degree of legitimacy in their market interventions, and will defend their right to be heard in all the matters that affect consumers and users, through hearing procedures and institutional participation.


They will support FACUA in international cooperation matters and will denounce the abuses and frauds committed by Spanish companies, as well as those of companies originating from within the European Union, which are operating in other countries with lower levels of consumers and users protection. They will also promote the protection of immigrants' rights to ensure the fulfilment of these rights and their integration in society.