Who we are

Our origins
The origins of FACUA date back to the years of the transition to democracy, before the oilseed rape toxic syndrome provoked the awakening of a consumer conscience throughout Spain, and the development of hundreds of consumers organizations.

At the end of the 70's, the defence of the citizens as consumers was carried out by neighbourhood movements. Nevertheless, the Spanish Government denied consumers representation by the neighbourhood associations. For that reason, in 1980 the Assembly of Neighbourhood Associations approved the development of a nationwide consumer association, which was called La Defensa (The Defense), as well as the creation of a network of delegations in all the Spanish provinces by means of its provincial federations.

From La Defensa to FACUA

Despite this, the project was only established in a few cities, among them the Andalucian capital Seville. For this reason, the Sevillian delegation of La Defensa, which had been established in the Provincial Federation of Neighbourhood Associations, became an independent organization in 1981 with the name Association of Consumers and Users of Seville-ACUS La Defensa.

Inspired by this development, several consumer associations were established in most of the Andalusian provinces during 1982 and 1983, following the model of the organization already created in Seville, laying the foundations for the development of the Consumers and Users Associations Federation of Andalusia in 1983.

FACUAľConsumers in Action is born

Considered as the most powerful, active and representative consumers federation in Andalusia and one of the most important associations in Spain, FACUA Andalucía decided at its 4th Congress, in March 2003, to further develop its presence and to extend the organization throughout Spain.

For that reason in June 2003 FACUA-Consumers in Action (Consumidores en Acción) was born as a nationwide organization with a confederal structure, as a result of the union of the Andalusian Federation and two pre-existing organizations in Valencia and Castilla y León.

Today FACUA is present throughout Spain due to its numerous organizations and territorial delegations at local, provincial and autonomous levels, as well as due to the Consumers in Action Network (Red de Consumidores en Acción) which comprises a large number of members, volunteers and supporters.